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Shopping in MauritiusMost Natural Remedies work on a holistic level; balancing body, mind and spirit, whilst generating an overall sense of wellbeing. Some traditional healthcare systems are thousands of years old.
Ayurveda is the oldest existing health system in known history. It embraces a wide spectrum of treatments, including yoga, meditation, mantra-chanting, massage, diet, and herbal remedies.
Flower Elixirs and Environmental Essences form part of Ayurveda, but have also been a part of Egyptian, English and ancient Greek healing systems. Trochetia Boutoniana and Hibiscus Fragilis are Mauritian flowers used in Aryuveda.
Some very interesting and special essential oils such as Calamondin, Ylang Ylang and pink pepper are also made in Mauritius.
Salt has great healing potential and is known to remove stress, negativity and fatigue.

cane sugar juiceSugarcane juice is great for recharging energy because it contains rich carbohydrates and iron. Sugarcane strengthens the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and sex organs, a study have shown. In febrile disorders which cause fever, when there is a great protein loss, liberal intake of sugarcane juice supplies the body with the necessary protein and other food elements, the study added.

essential oilEnjoying a privileged but isolated location, far away from smog and pollution, kissed by the tropical sun and caressed by the trade winds, Mauritian flowers have got an incredible healing potential! This Flower Power can be attributed to the fact that in this rare climate some very special plants developed throughout the millennia and at one point, most plants that grew on Mauritius were endemic and unique. Alas, they were of little value to the conquerors and soon vastly replaced by edible and cultivated species from all over the world. Today, the endemic flowers of the Mascarene islands are rare gems which need to be protected.

British ColonisationModern medicine has reserved words like “healing” or “medicine” exclusively for their approved products, cures and cares. What is left for ancient and well-known methods, used to restore and maintain the wellbeing of people around the world, are words like “wellness”, “natural remedies” or “health care treatments”.

British ColonisationHaving been used for virtually thousands of years by our ancestors, essential oils are deeply embedded in cultural life around the world. They are veritable beauty and health care remedies, added to creams, ointments and salves, but also to perfumes, deodorants and insect repellents. Essential oils do not only smell good, but actually influence our physical as well as emotional wellbeing. They can have antidepressant, antibacterial, stimulating, detoxifying, uplifting and relaxing properties, or simply be calming, soothing, purifying or nourishing for the skin.