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Sustainable Tourism

Mauritius Eco Tourism activities

Due to the fact that tourism has become vital for Mauritius’s economy it is important that the government and the industry is committed to making a low impact on the environment and being sustainable for local culture. In addition sustainable tourism helps to protect and preserve the natural environment through activities such as eco-tourism. Sustainable tourism also ensures that development is a positive experience for local people, tourism companies, and tourists themselves. Eco-tourism can be defined as a sub-category of sustainable tourism.

Sustainable travel goes in both directions, when Mauritians plan to travel, even to neighbouring islands like Rodrigues, Reunion and Seychelles, they should be encouraged to not harm the natural and cultural environments.

There are many spectacular trails to follow through the beautiful landscapes of Mauritius and a wide variety of fauna and flora to discover. Visit the majestic waterfalls, climb mountains, canoe down rivers, explore the forests and gaze upon the lofty trees, or spy the bird species that until recently were endangered but were saved by the efforts of the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. Mauritius has so much to offer the eco-tourist and there are tour operators that offer a unique experience for those who enjoy nature.

Mauritius is a well-known tourist destination, and it is increasingly attracting health tourists, particularly those seeking wellness services and facilities. Wellness is now a thriving industry on the island with multiple wellness centres and hotel spas offering great treatments in peaceful, soothing environments. Mauritius is an ideal location for rest and relaxation, allowing visitors to de-stress, enjoy luxurious treatments with natural products and enjoy a true sense of serenity.