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Blue Penny Museum

The Entrance of Blue Penny Museum

This state-of-the-art museum is situated on the Caudan waterfront in Port Louis, and presents visitors with fascinating perspectives on Mauritian history and art. A visit to see this museum's exquisite collection is a "must" for all!

Founded by The Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) in November 2001, the Blue Penny Museum exhibits exceptional items that have been collected and preserved over the years by the MCB, an institution established since 1838.

From the start, visitors are guided through a wondrous collection on the first floor, in a room called "The Age of Discovery". Dedicated to the world of navigation, the room conjures up the adventures of those early pioneers who braved the oceans in a quest for unknown and mysterious lands. Model ships, charts and nautical instruments of various periods and origins reveal the progress of geographical and maritime knowledge.


Visiting Blue Penny museum of Mauritius

The second room of the museum is named "A Highly Coveted Land", and exhibits a wealth of original engravings, charts and artefacts highlighting the main stages of the island's three successive periods of occupation, from the arrival of the Dutch in 1598 to the conquest of the ‘Isle de France’ by the British in 1810.

The collection then moves on to 19th century Port Louis, with lithographs, prints and watercolours depicting the bustling port, pleasant walks in the outlying areas of the capital and roads swarming with tradesmen and passers-by, and all the amazing aspects of an expanding city, full of shops and attractive buildings. All of these images are accompanied by comparative present-day photographs and the contrast is striking and can elicit a mixture of nostalgia and yearning for a bygone age.