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In 2018 the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is tipped as one of that year's hottest tourist destinations, by one industry expert.

As per the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority “In addition to those visiting the island for its glamorous style, cultural fusion and family friendly offerings, new flights mean there is easier access than ever before”. So with more flights coming to our island and the new airport it should be even easier and attract even more visitors. And with more hotels, holiday rentals, operators and activities, the island should be booming - And yet is it?

The authority said that holiday makers will be attracted by the "unparalleled standard" of hotels and services. But by what standard? OK, they did finally came up with a hotel ranking, after a very florid attempt by the MTPA with “Our best friends and connections ranking”. This means that today there is a structured, more transparent ranking and evaluation process. The question is, does it measure up to other internationally recognised hotel rankings?

The authority notes that many visitors have been so impressed with the island's luxury hotels, which "rival any other destination in the world", that they have bought a property in Mauritius themselves. Does that statement stand? I mean, if you have travelled around the world, or just travelled to South Africa even; you may question this bold statement. Moreover, you will know that purchasing “a luxury villa” in Mauritius and compared to a luxury villa in South Africa; you will realise that they are not of same standard. So, maybe it has more to do with the fact that you get a residential permit/passport, along with the fact that Mauritius is a tropical island, stable and with low crime rate.

And these facts have little to do with tourism and its standards. So we rather agree with Lonely Planet Travel guide statement that Mauritius, "nestled up alongside Africa", is an island with many English and French influences that tourists will be familiar with. And that this "tropical paradise" is one holiday destination that rarely disappoints its visitors, who are charmed by the island's "relaxed vibes" and sunshine.

It is our opinion that it is “the genuine welcoming and warmth of the people of Mauritius, that is of value to the high quality of tourism service”. And we call for the government and the authorities to invest in and promote their own people, and protect its natural resources such as the beaches, so that Mauritians can enjoy them and are willing to share their island with visitors.