• Mauritius

    Learn about the rich history of Mauritius and its development as a stopover on the trade routes to a dynamic developing nation. “Discover” articles feature the island’s regions, sister islands, culture and nature.

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  • Gastronomy

    The diversity of cuisine in Mauritius derives from its cultural mix of colonialism and migrants over several centuries. Some would say that ‘tourist’ recipes have been rediscovered and others refined.

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  • Leisure

    Mauritius has an abundance of cultural, nature, entertainment activities and events that both the locals and tourists can enjoy. We should not forget sports, may they be local, regional or international.

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  • Lifestyle

    Is it about the values that you and your family want to live by or is it the persona you want to project? It can be about your wardrobe, a smartphone, a car or your home furnishings. In other words it is about your lifestyle!

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  • Wellness

    Mauritius has a holistic approach to good health with spas, yoga, natural remedies and other methods, while the population is provided with free access to hospital services and wellness parks.

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  • Romance

    Romance comes easy for a tropical island, so naturally Mauritius has become a dream destination for weddings and honeymoons. Couples (local and foreign) can find information and ideas right here.

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  • Travel - Tourism

    The South-East Indian Ocean features great travel destinations with the Mascarene or the Vanilla Islands offering great holiday opportunities including Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion, Madagascar and Seychelles

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Artisanal bags in Mauritius at CaudanMauritius is famous for its artisanal goods and has a reputation for producing excellent world-class quality ship models. Some firms produce small replicas of historic ships that are delicate and accurate thanks to the diligent research, while others produce more commercial models with the quality often reflected in the price.

The process of the replica ship making is intricate and requires concentration. The keel and the frames that form the skeleton of the ship are cut and assembled, then the teak lined double cones are measured and the hull is polished with sandpaper between coats to ensure good durability without neglecting the aesthetic dimension. Planks of the bridge are prepared, glued and then polished before receiving the varnish. The ship can receive up to twelve layers of varnish in total! The mats are erected and taut rigging, then the sails are cut and sewn before being dipped in tea to give them a more authentic colour.

Handcrafted Work

Mauritians are known for their nimble fingers that create the beautiful handicrafts with skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. With the advent of the government established National Handicraft Promotion Agency, who provide information, training and marketing support to artisans, and the ‘Made in Moris’ brand, a new generation of talented craftsman was born, with new ideas and new products.

The range of handcrafted goods available is immense, with baskets, hats, placemats, coaster and more made from, rattan, vetiver leaves, banana leaves or vacoas leaves. Costume jewellery and other trinkets made from shells or polished coconut shells as well as wood that can be personalised are also very popular. Also, the Dodo, the emblematic bird of the island, is reproduced in a number of ways, from metal to wood or leather or simply embroidered on clothing or tea towels and the like.