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The Tea Trail

Tea Trail Restaurant Bois CheriDomaine Des Aubineaux, is the name of the family estate built in 1872 and recently transformed into a museum. It is the starting point of the Tea Trail. The guided tour will reveal sumptuous pieces of furniture dating back from the East India Company era. A stroll through the Garden of Camphor Trees with its exotic plants and trees endemic to the island and return to the cosiness of the Tea Rooms, that have been set up in the former Billiard Room, for the morning tea ritual. And then, you are taken to Bois Cheri (literally translated Beloved Woods), for a guided tour of the factory and of the Tea Museum that will inevitably end up in a tasting at the Chalet.

Woman plucking tea leaves at Bois CheriThe name of this tea factory may sound like an amorous invitation as it literally translates to ‘Beloved Woods’. Tea was introduced by the British, planted in the Highlands where the clouds that had travelled briskly over the southern seas stopped to pour some of their contents upon the already lush flora In this bygone era, one still found the time to pick charming and poetic names for places, streets and even factories!