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discover mauritius

As a Mauritius ‘news and information portal’ naturally we have a section to “Discover Mauritius”. It is important to know that Mauritius is more than one island, so we will have articles about Rodrigues, Agaléga, Saint Brandon (Cargados Carajos), the Chagos Archipelago, including Diego Garcia and any other island comprised in the State of Mauritius.

We want you to discover the real Mauritius that although does not feature grand natural formations like Victoria Falls or Mount Kilimanjaro, is however filled with lots of waterfalls, mountains, rainbows and unique flora, fauna and history, as the country was isolated for millions of years before Mauritius was discovered by humans. The Arabs came first but it was re-discovered and explored by the Portuguese (most probably in 1510) and the Dutch colonised it, followed by the French and English.

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