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British ColonisationAfricans have discovered a plant which is an important source of energy. It was before thought to be a worthless bush and has now been named Jatropha Circas, the Cinderella plant. Studies have shown that Jatropha oil burns with one fifth the carbon emission of fossil fuels. What are we not doing to protect our surroundings?

First and foremost, recycling could prove to be an interesting solution. It can be defined as the reprocessing of materials into new products. Recycling prevents useful material resources from being wasted, reduces the consumption of raw materials as well as reduces energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Statement of the International Paper Company stated that "if everyone recycled his newspaper each day, it would save 41,000 trees." People could start recycling textile clothing as well. Such kind of recycling is nowadays moving from developed countries like the United Kingdom to developing ones. The desired order for environmental sustainability must be deeply ingrained. Reduce recycle and reuse.

Another simple way of protecting one's environment is to change from incandescent bulbs to led lamps. This attitude could be adopted by every citizen and it is a simple way. Light gobbles up to 20% of the world's electricity or the equivalent of roughly 600 000 tons of coal a day.

In the light of the above mentioned ways, it becomes clear to us that if we are really keen in preserving our environment, we surely can. We need to act rapidly to protect our everyday life as well as our future