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Sport in Mauritius

mauritius sports culture

Mauritius’ history as a colonised country has influence the populations’ sporting interests and the type of activities practised. Football is without a doubt the most popular sport to date. The English Premier League overtakes by far its own homegrown Premier League and the national football team is called Club M.

Horse racing is a passion that runs deep with its horse race track the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere. However there are other sports that Mauritians do enjoy such as athletics, basketball, boxing, cycling, judo, kickboxing and volleyball to mention some.

Considering the nation’s size, Mauritius has done well on the regional and international stage especially, on the athletics track (100, 200 and 400 metres).
Mauritius also has hosted various international sporting events such as the Indian Ocean Island Games in 1985 and 2003.

golf mauritiusThe rise in popularity of golf and the proliferation of golf courses has coincided with the general growth in tourism in Mauritius and its positioning as a major pillar of the Mauritian economy. Most of the golf courses on the island are attached to major hotel groups, but there are also private member golf courses, including the oldest golf course in the Southern Hemisphere, and the fourth oldest course in the world, the 18-hole Gymkhana golf course, located in Vacoas in the central region of the island and created in 1902, and the Dodo Club, a 9-hole course located in Curepipe, also in the central region.

Golf resort facing beautiful sea of MauritiusThere was no indigenous golf on the island, but when sugar prices recently tumbled land became available for redevelopment, and many resort owners decided to create their own courses as the tourism sector grew. Though borrowing more from the ideology of the sport's roots than any physical attributes it may share with the Home of Golf in Scotland, visitors, particularly from Europe, will be reassured that they will enjoy traditional, strategic challenges, free from the contrivances of 'signature' golf courses prevalent in the rest of the world.