• Mauritius

    Learn about the rich history of Mauritius and its development as a stopover on the trade routes to a dynamic developing nation. “Discover” articles feature the island’s regions, sister islands, culture and nature.

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  • Gastronomy

    The diversity of cuisine in Mauritius derives from its cultural mix of colonialism and migrants over several centuries. Some would say that ‘tourist’ recipes have been rediscovered and others refined.

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  • Leisure

    Mauritius has an abundance of cultural, nature, entertainment activities and events that both the locals and tourists can enjoy. We should not forget sports, may they be local, regional or international.

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  • Lifestyle

    Is it about the values that you and your family want to live by or is it the persona you want to project? It can be about your wardrobe, a smartphone, a car or your home furnishings. In other words it is about your lifestyle!

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  • Wellness

    Mauritius has a holistic approach to good health with spas, yoga, natural remedies and other methods, while the population is provided with free access to hospital services and wellness parks.

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  • Romance

    Romance comes easy for a tropical island, so naturally Mauritius has become a dream destination for weddings and honeymoons. Couples (local and foreign) can find information and ideas right here.

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  • Travel - Tourism

    The South-East Indian Ocean features great travel destinations with the Mascarene or the Vanilla Islands offering great holiday opportunities including Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion, Madagascar and Seychelles

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Harmony in Mauritius amongst childrenMauritius stall called a "Miracle of peaceful coexistence," for how people with roots in Europe, Asia and Africa, living side by side in harmony and respecting the culture and religion of one and the other. The population of 1.2 million souls, is Hindu religious component, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist. Today, one of the key qualities of this country, it is the non-racism. The official language is generally recognized as English but everyone speaks French. This is the only country in the world where French is progressing faster than English and Creole, a dialect derived from Old French. But as it is also a population so different growing Hindi, Urdu and Mandarin are also fluent.

It is not unusual for places of worship for different religions to be found side by side with Hindu or Tamil temples next to churches or mosques. Another example of religious harmony can be found through the fact that major religious festivals are often celebrated by Mauritians of all religions. Non-Hindu’s frequently make the pilgrimage to Grand Bassin for Maha Shivratree and nearly everyone will celebrate Christmas in one form or another and similarly the Chinese New Year. Certainly Mauritians seem to be united in celebrating almost any occasion with firecrackers! Generally people are respectful of others religions and will dress according to hosts faith when attending weddings for example.

Furthermore, dishes that are attributed to the various cultures/religions found on the island are in fact considered ‘national’ dishes that are enjoyed and belong to all, whether it be the ‘briani’ (biryani), a speciality of Muslims, or Indian curries, or Creole rougailles or Chinese fried rice.

However despite these examples of integration, ‘harmony’ is still a slightly romantic notion, interfaith marriages are still not commonplace and there have been incidents of racial tension in the past.