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A Sweet Mauritius

mauritius sweet

Mauritius produces sugarcane and has many types of fruits such as tamarind (both brought by the Dutch during the 17th century), mangoes, pineapples and others. Then French intendant Pierre Poivre brought many spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, so you get the feeling that the island is sweet!

As Mauritius has an incredibly rich and diverse food culture, infused with influences from its mixture of European, Creole, Chinese and Indian people; there is an abundance of beloved local sweet delicacies from traditional Mauritian desserts like sticky banana tart or sweet potato cakes filled with freshly grated coconut – great with a mug of warm chai. You will naturally also find the desserts and sweets from the countries of the population’s origins, including ‘barfi’ from India and ‘gateau la cire’ from China.

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