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British ColonisationMauritian cuisine is traditionally eclectic thanks its diverse history and population, but now Mauritian chefs, who have achieved international recognition, have created a "new" cuisine of Mauritius based on a fusion of styles that incorporate more international dimensions. They have adopted a fresh and adventurous approach to using exotic spices and local or imported produce. International chefs based in Mauritius, many of whom are Michelin starred, are mainly employed in luxury hotels, are also pushing the boundaries and are using imported fresh or chilled produce to create dishes outside of the norm for Mauritius. Now, gastronomes may find kangaroo, crocodile or ostrich meat from Australia, mussels from New Zealand, smoked salmon from Scotland, lobsters and crabs from Brittany combines with local delicacies like smoked marlin, fresh fish farmed in the lagoons, or locally produced duck foie gras.

The next generation of Mauritian chefs are set to continue this pioneering trend in Mauritian cuisine through the innovative training received at the Ecole Hôtelière Sir Gaëtan Duval (formerly known as the Hotel School of Mauritius), with teachers encouraging potential chefs to experiment with the local produce available including the vast array of exotic spices in order to create new tantalising recipes to excite locals and visitors alike.