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Casela Nature Park


Safari Adventures is one of the few places in the world where you can have interactive meetings with lions and cheetahs, rides on Quad and various excursions to discover the animals. Safari Adventures promises a unique experience with a selection of activities to mauritius. From an early age, these beasts out learned to treat humans with respect; and caressed and are not strangers to pats and generally, they got used to the presence of humans. Indeed, they are prepared, and are even used for promotions and educational activities. Interactions with cats are photographed by a staff for this purpose and equipped with professional equipment. Of course, the photos are rare available to all participants.For those of you who prefer to observe wild animals in a wild environment, you can opt for a walk with lions.  This allows you to familiarize yourself with lions forming a band as has never seen; men and beasts walking together in nature. This is the unique experience that you will remember all your life and adventure is filmed and photographed and will be provided by the result of this incredible adventure. The lions are well chosen in turn before each walk. Prior to your meeting with the lions, instructions and equipment will be offered for added security and staff also provide you with a stick. This stick identifies you as a member of the band and thanks to this small object you will immediately gain the respect of lions. Like most mammals, body language depends on the mood of the lion, and the lions were especially chosen for their good temperament. Although they are smaller, the lionesses still much faster, more agile and elsewhere, are Elis that handles Hunting. A visit to Safari Adventures is a "must", you will remember all your life. Open from Monday to Saturday (and Sunday pre visits only), the Safari Adventures park is located on the coffee Ove Mauritius, The righteous of Flic en Flac. To access the park. You have to go through the Case in Wildlife Park that hosts other animal species such as recumbent turtles and ostriches, and is endowed with a restaurant.

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