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Hotel Resorts MauritiusThe Mauritian government has targeted two million tourist arrivals for the year 2015. The growth in recent years is around 10% with the bar of 871,356, reached in 2009. Government has entered into several strategic agreements to be used by more Asian companies. New birds landed in Mauritius, CORSAIRFLY of France and Italian EUROFLY. The partial opening of air space has made the traditional lot of tourists, as expected, this in order to increase the number of tourists and make of Mauritius a more accessible island. In late 2009, the destination counts around 11,456 rooms and 102 institutions. Tourism is a pillar of the Mauritian economy that 11,456 rooms are not a surprise. These institutions rely on regular customers and celebrities, with personalized and exclusive service. Beachcomber and Sun Resorts are the pioneers of the Mauritian hotel industry, but other factors unfold like Naiade Veranda Resort and Hotels.

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