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Mauritius Eco Tourism activitiesThrough the trails, you discover beautiful landscapes, bird species - until recently were endangered and who have been saved by the work of the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation - majestic waterfalls and lofty trees. A working full breath that subsequently helped save birds endangered. The Mauritius Wildlife Foundation shot a phenomenal working to preserve our national wealth.

Beautiful garden of Chateau de LabourdonnaisIn the shade of centuries-old orchards, the “Chateau de Labourdonnais”, finely restored, taking the footsteps of a family who lived in a bygone era. “Labourdonnais” Castle is a monument of history. With a playful setting scene alive and well, this castle in the heart of a beautiful natural area invites you to discover the art of living in Mauritius in the nineteenth century. True witness sources and customs of that period and magnificent private Creole.

The Crocodile Park of Mauritius“La Vanille Reserve Mascarene” which is south of Mauritius is worthy of lush with giant bamboo, banana trees, coconut palms and a shadowy vault sleeping giant tortoises in the wild. A rich fauna with geckos, macaque monkeys and Nile crocodiles who are living exhibition. The insectarium which includes wonderful butterflies contains over 20,000 remarkable species.

Essential oil: The Ylang Ylang Leaves of MauritiusEssential oils in the Indian Ocean, Anse Jonchée: Michel Fayette distils its oils handcrafted and his companion, an expert on the subject you present them with tenderness and sincerity. Nothing but natural ... like them. No plastic here! Paragliding of activities is undertaken by specialists in the field. Kitesurfing and other board sports took up residence with Club Mistral in “Le Morne” or wind rarely default.

View of Chamarel Seven Coloured EarthThe Chamarel Adventure Park, nestled in a subtropical forest of 12 hectares, offers a new concept of recreational and sports activities for all levels and all tastes. You will move from trees to trees, trails to trails, equipped with a harness connected to a lifeline. They specialize in sea kayaking around "Ile aux Bénitiers" Island with a crimped turquoise lagoon and "lle d’Ambre" island, with its mangrove which opens onto small intimate beaches ideal to admire the ocean line on a sandy beach.