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View of Caudan Shopping Mall, Port LouisA Little Bit of history...
The name of Le Caudan Waterfront comes from a famous figure of the past, Jean Dominique Michel de Caudan, who to Isle de France (former name of Mauritius under French occupation) from Languedoc (a department in the South of France). A historical site, the peninsula called Le Caudan was created around a fossil coral islet, hosting a powder magazine, an astronomic and meteorological observatory, quays, warehouses, various small enterprises over the last 250 years.


Several popular spots of Le Caudan Waterfront bear a strong historical significance. The first meteorological observatory of the Indian Ocean now hosts the Food Court and the Namaste restaurant. The building hosting the Blue Penny Museum was the former United Docks office. Blue Penny Museum is one of the prime elements of the Mauritian cultural scene. It displays a precious heritage collection about Mauritius and the region. A real voyage in space and time, this history and art museum will take you on the steps of the explorers and the successive occupation of the island, at the cross-road of civilisations from Europe, Africa and Asia. The museum prides itself of the two issues of the famous 'Post Office' dating back to 1847 and considered as two of the most precious items of world philately. Articles sold in the Souvenir Shop are of high standard, presenting a unique range of souvenirs from Mauritius, specially designed for the museum: postcards, posters, decorative objects and stationery.

Le Caudan Waterfront, the biggest shopping experience

Le Caudan Waterfront is definitely a must for shopping. Some 120 shops offer a very wide range of products from sports equipment to jewellery and watches, Including books & magazines, body cave, known brands in swimming and beach gear as well as plenty of gift possibilities. Mauritian textile, now enjoying a high reputation, reflects in Web shops with the beautiful collections offered by local designers as well as famous international brands. From generous and convenient parking facilities to clean pedestrian alleys within the centre, coupled with the wide variety of products available, Le Caudan Waterfront unites all ingredients for tourists and locals to fully enjoy their shopping experience.
Famous international brands like Calvin Klein, Levis, Timberland or Karl Kaiser as well as local designers' works like IV Play or The Spot are displayed through Le Caudan Waterfront shop where one can find a wide range of products including, textile, sportswear, leatherwear and other accessories.

The Craft Market

The Craft Market, located in Barkly Wharf and consisting of 36 stands set up on a double-floor openbazaar with warm tropical colours, offers local and regional handicraft and souvenirs. Walking through the stands, one can find colourful beach pareos, embroidered linen, spices, recycled and stained glass objects, semi precious stones, wooden sculptures, basketwork, souvenirs made out of coconut, in wood or in glass, as well as a creative range of regional handicraft and cultural traditions from Mauritius and the region.