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Dressmaker portraitSome traders specialize in "Fait sur mesure" to the delight of a growing clientele. Suits or dresses, are booked in 48 hours. As the fabric is duty free, the prices are great and affordable to local and international walk.

A shop sells tablecloths, sheets, pillowcases, hand embroidery. Other, similar products imported from the big island, Madagascar.
Jewellery is very active. Diamonds are combined locally by using the expertise acquired in South Africa and Europe, with an international expertise value. They are following up of Classic Europeans modelled while others may use jewellers of the Great Peninsula, which produces more complicated modelled than those available. There is something for every taste and colour. A jeweller, part of an organization with distribution centres in Spain, the US and Dubai, has created an online "Prestige" International renowned for lovers of beautiful and rare coins. By using the latest modern techniques allied computer modelling to the expertise of the craftsman jeweller, and created a reduced-scale reproduction of the speciality products. It weighs 1322 grams of yellow gold, pink and white with 18 carat diamonds and two rubies in 2078 for the tail lights, are very precious stone which were used to make this beautiful masterpiece. Quality costume accessories are made Locally: shimmering shades, woven sisal baskets and sequins embroidered, of silk made evening bags embroidered with antiques to match the right arrow, belts, boaters and jewellery. Top luxury leather goods typically found in high bill Store: bags, suitcases, shoes for men and women and other accessories for interior decoration produced by a company that has positioned itself as the No. 2 in the world for the production of small leather diary and office supplies in the world. The detail and design are remarkable.