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Boat Maquette handcrafted work in MauritiusMaquettiste hands meet the strict regulations of the reduced manufacturing bowl model, others in the business model. High quality are more often exported to other continents. Prices reflect the difference one is made of fine wood other uses common wood adhesion more or less positively in the dimensions and definitions required. If you looking for a modelled quality and you choose a serious provider preference is to go to those with very well established references.

Mauritians have nimble fingers creating beautiful handcrafted work has always increased in number. Generation after generation, the art of the craftsman has been passed without any real supervision and certainly without marketing knowledge. With the advent of recent times, the government established the National Handicraft Promotion Agency, an organization whose mission is to provide information, training and marketing support to the artisans who would live from their art. It was important to have a structure, an organization responding to the growing need. A new generation of talented craftsman was born. It has pushed to develop its own ideas, new products, dare to invent, innovation to reach new levels ... instead of copying what is done elsewhere. Aloe, rattan, vetiver, banana leaf or Vacoas, they all fall in the production of products with very diversified baskets, hats, coasters and sea does in the tapestry. Weaving is terminated or coarser depending on material used, quality of materials which is very different. Costume jewelry emerge from the shell and polished coconut shells, jewellery despite fancy but quality products.
The Dodo, emblematic bird of the country, is reproduced in a thousand ways of metal, wood, leather or just with the pyrotechnic embroidery on cloth ... Wood is also sculpted to make various fruits, birds, boats, kitchen utensils, trinkets.
Ceramics and pottery produce the inevitable ashtrays, cups and saucers, pitchers, saucers ... however these must be transported with great caution, being very fragile nature.