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The Blue Safari Submarine in MauritiusDomaine Les Pailles, near Port Louis, emerge: from the fertile mind of the great visionary, Polar: Maurel. It extends over a natural reserve of 150: hectares at the bottom of a mountain chain where visitors can appreciate the niceties of the old insular life style. The concept is centred around a range of restaurants with the Clos Saint Louis for Creole Gastronomy, Petite and Grande Cannelle, a lever under, Fu Xiao, for Chinese fare, lndra for Indian delicacies and Dolce Vita, for alfresco lifestyle Italian style, complete with pizzeria and swimming pool.

There is also the Grand Casino, housed in a replica of a colonial mansion, a mini-golf, stables, horse driven-carriages, a little train offering rides, a replica of a XVIII century sugar estate and an 1758 still that produces the Rum of the Domain.

In the south, new developments have taken place in and around the Domaine de Bel Ombre The 5 star hotels and resorts that border the lagoon the golf course in the middle and Valriche which is made up of wooded hills and green valleys that one can visit on foot or in a comfortable 4x4. The climax... a gastronomic lunch at the Chateau de Bel Ombre, "Gone with the wind" style!

Les Vergers de Labourdonnais, in the north, at Mapou, offer a visit of the orchards in the grounds of an ancient colonial mansion dating back to 1858, and beautifully preserved. Recommended: the tasting of the fruit pastes and fresh juices.

Overlooking Chamarel, from his little cosy eco touristic complex "A Coeur Bois", Jose Hitie offers a whole lot of guided outings. Climbing Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire, discovering Alexandra Falls and Montagne Cocotte (the cloudy forest), Mare Longue, Bassin Blanc, Baie du Cap and, of course, Chamarel.

On the sea side, the Blue Safari Submarine Company, offers dives to 30 m deep whilst being constantly monitored from the mother ship overhead. It is even possible to have a lover's' lunch undersea. A gastronomic fare with excellent French wines served by the pilot turned maitre d'. Their latest baby: Twin seater submarine scooters that allow you to go down to 3 metres tethered to the mother ship which constantly pumps fresh air into a helmet resting on your shoulders. All in total comfort and security.
 A few companies offer the Walk under the Sea experience with a helmet tethered to the boat above, but care must be taken not to walk on precious coral and damage them. The Aquarium, in Pointe Aux Piments has taken on a new look and its ecological system of operations in a modern environment is proving very successful. The Nessee, an Australian invention, is a semi-submersible where the person sits in a compartment underneath the boat peering at the marine flora and flora through window panes. Great for those suffering from claustrophobia.