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The quality of sugar in MauritiusMauritius is the sugar export in several mainlands, attesting to the qualifying product sugar. These special sugars are competing in walking with brown sugars, like brown sugar, produced in Europe is refined from sugar cane or beet recoloured after refining. But only the special sugars from cane sugar producing countries can contain the unrefined label (not refined) which reflects the authenticity of the product.

This result is due to the hard work of long-term visionary of some government leaders who, in the beginning have imagined a strategic alliance with the US, India and Africa. A covenant of mutual benefits for related countries. Adding serious institutions, clear and precise internal politics and to always climb higher. With a people as a resource of the country, Mauritius, today can claim to have a diversified economy in agriculture, eco-tourism, manufacturing, services, communications and IT industry. Agriculture has gone through the rationalization of sugar production units which requires closure of several plants, which has the approach end of the agreement guaranteeing the price of our sugar the European market. -horticulture Diversification in the export of fruit, vegetables and flowers in Agro industry.