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Cultivation of Sugarcane in Mauritius300 years of history bind this island with a great epic sugar history ... An extraordinary story for this small country in the Indian Ocean which experienced extraordinary destiny. A story that deserves to be read and known. In these times men were pursuing various avenues, he was also coveting gold, as exotic as Indian spices, precious as the Chinese silk and the oriental embroidery. Sugar is a commodity used throughout the world, countries located in the tropical zone with adequate climate is very snuff. Over 1000 years ago, sugar was already well known to Indians and Chinese. Valuable commodity and travelled from the far and Middle East to the gates of the Mediterranean, transport was by Greek and Arab conquerors introduced in the West by the Crusaders and has sold gold prices by Venetian merchants Ave century.

The quality of sugar in MauritiusMauritius is the sugar export in several mainlands, attesting to the qualifying product sugar. These special sugars are competing in walking with brown sugars, like brown sugar, produced in Europe is refined from sugar cane or beet recoloured after refining. But only the special sugars from cane sugar producing countries can contain the unrefined label (not refined) which reflects the authenticity of the product.