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Artisanal bags in Mauritius at CaudanMauritius has a reputation for producing excellent world-class quality ship models. Some firms, such as Historia Marine in Goodlands, produce similar replicas and reduced sizes, to the delight of lovers of historical models, the most delicate and most research. Others produce more commercial models and the price reflects the quality, rigour and seriousness of the two operations.

Then, Ira design model is entrusted to a single craftsman from start to finish. The keel and the frames that form the skeleton of the ship, are cut and assembled dramatically. The teak lined double cones are measured and Ira has a hull with polishing sandpaper between coats to ensure good durability without neglecting the aesthetic dimension. Planks of the bridge are prepared, glues and then polished before receiving the varnish. The feature is set up and then modelled in its entirety receives up to twelve layers of varnish. The mats are erected and taut rigging. The sails are cut and sewn before being dipped in tea to give them their original colour. The boat is ready to go to sea ... or rather, the plane!

Paintings galleries abound, witnessed an artistic movement in turmoil. The Galleries, “Helene de Senneville”, first take a storefront, are in Port Louis and Grand Baie.

Besides attract those in search of good physical and sensory words, the island was quick to acquire the attributes of a Health Tourism. Several hotel establishments included magnificent beauty rivalling Spas and quality services with each other and each following its philosophy of well-meaning but all high level.