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Sugarcane cutting in Mauritius IslandEtymologically the word "Sugar" has its roots in the word "Arquera which means" sand "in Sanskrit, one of the first known languages. This term has given rise to the word sugar in all Indo-European languages: sacquerons in Greek, Latin saccharin, sugar in English, German zucker, zucchero in Italian, Arabic sukkar, azucar in Spanish. The Sanskrit word for sugar was then translated in all languages, as mentioned a little earlier in the narrative. The sugar cane was introduced firstly in the New World and spread in the Indian Ocean to Mauritius and Reunion, the tropical climate is perfect for growing sugar cane.

Historians estimate that the cultivation of sugar cane was the main reason for the introduction of slaves in Mauritius. The large sugar swirl of history led intercontinental commercial movement and the beginnings of a tragic globalization, the infamous "triangular trade" was that slave trafficking. The history of sugar was also punctuated by inventions and technical developments, the battle between cane sugar and beet sugar (under Napoleon Bonaparte invented to fight against the Colonial Sugar shortage in the Continental Blockade).
What a long journey to reach the 19th century ... fourteen sugar today is a consumer product, omnipresent in our diet and it has worldwide. In 2000 the World sugar consumption was more than 128 million tons ...