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Chinese food in the Indian OceanYou will also find the Cantonese cuisine of the south with its thin, clear sauces and delicate aromas serving to underline the products used.
The Sichuan cuisine of the Central and western regions, rich and spicy with generous lashings of chilli, garlic and bean paste produces hot dishes with strong flavours. The eastern coastal regions love adding sugar to most dishes. Seasoning is subtle and aromatic but not hot. Crispy deep-fried seafood, tenderised braised meat in deep-brown sauces, that melts in the mouth. From Peking the traditional Peking Duck, served in three courses, the crispy skin, the meat itself and then the meaty soup. Some restaurants also offer the "Mongol fire pit" where thin strips of meat, noodles and vegetables are simmered in a pot at the table. A Chinese fondue.