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Indian food flavours of MauritiusIndian cuisine from the mountainous north with its Persian influences and its aromatic Basmati rice to the subtropical south, where Portuguese influence is evident, no meal passes without freshly baked bread, usually flattened and in plate size form. Naan, is made of leavened fine-flour dough cooked in the Tandoor oven. Purls, are small cakes made of wholemeal wheat bread fried in hot vegetable oil.
They are broken in parcels and used as a shovel between fingers to scoop food from the serving plates. On religious grounds, Indian cuisine is traditionally vegetarian but, some meats like lamb, chicken and seafood are often used.
The appeal of Indian cuisine is in the judicious use of a variety of spices like cumin, ginger, turmeric, mint, saffron or cinnamon. Curry is the anglicised version of the Hindi word: Kari, meaning sauce.