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Modern Gastronomy

Creole food presentationMauritian chefs, who have achieved international recognition, have given birth to the "new" cuisine of Mauritius based on a fusion of styles. An adventurous approach in using exotic spices and a fresh approach to the use of local or imported products. The expatriate chefs who are employed in the many hotels, have followed suit in many ways and with the best products of the world imported fresh or chilled, nowadays that air connections are plentiful and regular, the sky's the limit. You might see kangaroo, crocodile or ostrich meat from Australia, mussels from New Zealand, smoked salmon from Scotland, lobsters and crabs from Brittany and the list goes on... meeting local delicacies like smoked marlin, fresh fish farmed in the lagoon, locally made duck foie gras...

You will also find the Cantonese cuisine of the south with its thin, clear sauces and delicate aromas serving to underline the products used.

The Sichuan cuisine of the Central and western regions, rich and spicy with generous lashings of chilli, garlic and bean paste produces hot dishes with strong flavours. The eastern coastal regions love adding sugar to most dishes. The seasoning is subtle and aromatic but not hot. Crispy deep-fried seafood, tenderised braised meat in deep-brown sauces, that melts in the mouth. From Peking the traditional Peking Duck, served in three courses, the crispy skin, the meat itself and then the meaty soup. Some restaurants also offer the "mongol firepit" where thin strips of meat, noodles and vegetables are simmered in a pot at the table. A Chinese fondue.