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Freeport Zone Mauritius, AfricaThe activities of the Mauritius Freeport are the largest in the Indian Ocean - offering all the logistics for distribution and marketing infrastructure for such operations. Over 27,000 companies are registered with the Financial Services and more than 400 others leaves the Free Port in Mauritius. An approach from this magnitude obviously gives several important advantages


Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi Ramdas and Mauritian Prime MinisterInternational and Regional Agreements with the "Made in Mauritius” products benefit from preferential duties on the “On Common European”, the United States, suffered - African continent, Japan, Australia, Scandinavia and other countries. The most important of these trade agreements are: The “Cotonou Agreement”, which provides the entrance, duty and quota Mauritian products on the European Common Marche. The “Cotonou Agreement” is a balloon of oxygen in an ultra- competitive walking.

Mauritius Cybercity at EbeneWith the government's decision to make Mauritius a cyber island, a CyberQuote was born in Ebene with two towers already erected a cyber building. The country is fast becoming the platform of ICT in this region with its modern infrastructure, a comprehensive legal framework, a workforce well trained with a bilingual and attractive tax incentives. The countries with a trilingual labour strength have considerable advantages. More than 200 companies operate in this sector, engaged in software development, outsourcing services, call centres and ICT support services. Most international service providers are present in Mauritius (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft etc.) a certificate from the quality of service offered. The liberalization of telecommunications has seen the entry of operators deprives which produced exponential growth in this sector with a strong penetration both in the fixed and portable products, as well as in internet services experienced a meteoric rise.