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Direct Investment in MauritiusInvestors receive incentives for investment not only for tax, but depending on the types of projects.

Here are a few examples:
• Reduction in corporate tax to 15%
• VAT Exemption
• No taxes on dividends
• No tax on capital gains
• Repatriation, non-taxable, profits, dividends and capital
• Cars imported duty (max. Rs500,000 per car)


The investor of a minimum of US $500,000 for a minimum of 5 years in an activity approved by the government, or in the stock market or in Equity Ordinary, will be eligible to obtain the Permanent Residence Permit.

The IRS (Centres Villas Honest) enables foreigners to acquire international standing villas in a resort that has a golf course, a marina, individual swimming pools and a fitness centre, with minimal configuration. These villas are equipped with all you'll need with a world-class architecture in a lavish decor. The cost of the villa will be US $500,000 minimum and permanent residence permit who comes with other investment opportunities which are in the "Partnership - Public - Depriving" (PPP), which will be used to finance major infrastructure such as light rail and hospitals.

Industrial Relations despite the presence of trade unions, industrial relations are very harmonious in the country, besides the country was never drawn into a spiral of violence linked to the dysfunction of industrial relations. Tripartite meeting's government / employers / employees are held regularly to ensure the smooth running of the economy.