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The economic growth data and indicators of MauritiusHere are some of the factors that make Mauritius an attractive prospect for foreign investors:

GDP per capita: approx. USD 9,600 (2016)
Moody’s Investors Service: BAA1 (2017)
GDP Growth: 3.6% (2016)
Unemployment: 7.9% (2015)
Inflation: 1.2%
Repo Rate: 4%
Convenient time zone (GMT +4)
Main Languages: French and English

Population: approximately 1.3 million; peaceful, multi-ethnic with a unique blend of cultures; competitive schooling system; skilled bilingual (English/French), young workforce.

Political System: democracy with free and fair elections held every 5 years; political stability and more than 3 decades of sustained economic growth.

Infrastructure: well-developed, modern, reliable infrastructure; modern international airport and a port that facilitates imports and exports; developed telecommunications services with high speed fibre optic internet access.

Investment: secure investment location with established rule of law; considered most business-friendly country in Africa; investment-friendly regulatory regime; open to foreign investors and talent; Ocean State with one of the largest Exclusive Economic Zones in the world; preferential market access to Africa, Europe and the USA.