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The economic growth data and indicators of MauritiusSome Economic Indicators 2013 are:
Population: 1.296 million
Tourists arrivals: 965,441
Tourists contribution: 25,705,000 rupees
Gross Domestic Product (PIN): 187.245
Gross National Product (GNP): 355


2. A set of incentives, herniated and attractive non-tax.

3. Preferential access to the market of the European Union, to the market of the United States (AGORA) and African markets of East Africa Southern (COMMÉRA) and that through the SADC of the Southern African development community.

4. Youth, dynamism and workforce competitiveness by demonstrating competence experience and the professionalism of our executives from major national schools.

5. A well-developed infrastructure, reliable modern with an international airport and a port's best benefits in transportation logistics, good water electricity supply. The telecommunications, services, industrial plants and office internationally.