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Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment in MauritiusAGOA (Africa Growth Opportunity Act), which ensures free entry to a range of products in the United States included the textile clothing provided such use build products in eligible African countries in sub - Saharan Africa. COMESA an organization of great international stature representing the countries of Eastern and Southern Africa, with a population of over 388 million inhabitants, in a Duty Free Zone. SADC - the community for the development of Africa Austral - which groups 14 countries with a Gross Domestic Product of over US $200 billion and a market of 200 million people. An alien may hold, alone, the total investment in a local company.

The economic growth data and indicators of MauritiusSome Economic Indicators 2013 are:
Population: 1.296 million
Tourists arrivals: 965,441
Tourists contribution: 25,705,000 rupees
Gross Domestic Product (PIN): 187.245
Gross National Product (GNP): 355

Mauritius Commercial Bank, external viewSeveral major international banks - Barclays, SAC etc - are operating here for decades. The Mauritius Commercial Bank and State Bank control the majority of cases. The Bank of Mauritius - the central bank - is the regulator and supervisor of all banks "on" and "offshore", The legal system is a hybrid of the Code Napoleon, the British law and the Constitution of 1968, which preceded independence. As a member of the British Commonwealth, Mauritius has retained the use of Private Council of the Queen as the highest court of appeal. The road will be long and hard for Mauritius as she once again soars to new horizons in order to ensure the engine of its economy in the years to come. She did it until the brilliantly but there is no reason to doubt.

Direct Investment in MauritiusInvestors receive incentives for investment not only for tax, but depending on the types of projects.

Here are a few examples:
• Reduction in corporate tax to 15%
• VAT Exemption
• No taxes on dividends
• No tax on capital gains
• Repatriation, non-taxable, profits, dividends and capital
• Cars imported duty (max. Rs500,000 per car)