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Tourist in Mauritius

With the decline of the sugar industry, tourism is often thought of as the central pillar of the economy. During the past thirty years, Mauritius has developed into a middle-income diversified economy, from a low-income economy based on agriculture. Much of this economic growth has been attributed to the expansion of the luxury tourism sector. There are already over 20 international hotel chains in operation in Mauritius which amounts to over 100 hotels. Since the days when luxury hotels dominated the sector, the industry has expanded and diversified and now includes a wider variety of establishments, from basic hotels, business hotels, bed and breakfasts, villas, apartments and even Airbnb has entered the Mauritian market.

The tourism sector is overseen by the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure, and the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) promotes Mauritius as a tourist destination in collaboration with the local tourism industry, through promotional campaigns and activities abroad and in Mauritius. Tourism is an important component of the Mauritian economy and a significant source of its foreign exchange revenues and many predict that tourism will continue to be of importance with further diversification of the industry, particularly with the growth of eco-tourism.