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chineese gastronomy mauritiusJapanese cuisine aesthetic presentation serves to supplement and touch on the total range of senses. In Mauritius one can find a number of restaurants offering excellent Japanese fare. Some hotels also have in-house Japanese restaurants all serving the Sukiyaki, fish and seafood gently fried with vegetables in soy sauce and eaten directly from the pan.
The Tempura, prawn, fish and vegetables. deep-fried in a water-thin batter coat. The sashimi, pieces of tender and aromatically prepared raw fish dipped briefly in soy sauce and wasabi - green horseradish. And, of course, then Sushi, fish wrapped in leaves and seaweed in a portion of soured rice.
There is also a Thai restaurant, in Pereybere, offering the traditional cuisine based upon the spice mixtures of chilli, crab paste, garlic, coriander, and other self-prepared spicy compounds. The principle of Thai cuisine is to serve a mild dish after a "hot" one in order to douse the fire.